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Gina Marie Gruss

Writer, artist, creator of all things.

Featured by Amazon Prime Video, Wattpad, F(r)iction, Mensa America, Celebrating Art, American Library of Poetry, & more publications coming soon.

Published/Awarded Works
(More TBA!)

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Bugging Me FINAL Photo (1).jpg
Wasps and Bees Cover 2 (1).jpg

"Breathe." (2021)

Amazon Prime Video & Wattpad

Winner of the #Panic Contest

"Bugging Me" (2020)

Honorable Mention - FAU Art of Science Contest 2020

"Wasps & Bees" (Excerpt) (2020)

Florida Collegiate Honor Council 1st Place Short Story Winner 2020-2021

In The Press
Alone Excerpt Cover.jpg
Orange Poem Cover.jpg
This is Not a Love Story Cover.png

"Alone." (Excerpt) (2018)

Florida Collegiate Honor Council 1st Place Short Story Winner 2018-2019

"For Dad / Para Papá" & "Reflection, Introspection: COVID-19 Cut into Segments of An Orange" (2018)

Florida Collegiate Honor Council 2nd Place Poetry Winner 2018-2019 & 2nd Place Poetry Winner 2020-2021

"This is Not a Love Story" (2013)

Mensa America

Winner of the Write Tight{ly} Contest



Gina exists in the liminal: disabled, queer, half Jewish-Latina, and half Italian-American. The daughter of a loud, loving Italian-American mother who has a thousand stories; and a disabled, Argentine-Jewish father who has too many bad dad jokes to count, she was raised by two storytellers...and after surviving multiple near-death medical incidents, inevitably became a storyteller herself.

While she exists in the space between identities, there's one thing she's sure of: creating stories through art is her lifeblood. 

She's in the process of sending out more short stories, photography, art, and poetry to different publications within the next few months, and will be graduating from Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College of FAU in Spring 2022, to (hopefully) then attend graduate school for creative writing in Fall 2023.

She is a Junior Editor for the amazing Brink Literacy Project.

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